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About Us

We're a pineapple, palm tree and pelican-free zone

Not that we have anything against pineapples, palm trees and pelicans.  We love them!  Especially pelicans because we're big fans of all-things-wildlife but these tropical themes just don't reflect Canada's west coast.  And that, in a seashell, is the essence of our store and our reason for being.

Awhile ago, we looked far and wide for coastal items to decorate our own homes and found only gaudy treasures plastered with pineapples, palm trees and pelicans.  We thought "we can do better" and, along the way, we can also provide an outlet for many amazingly-talented west coast artists and support marine mammal research through our "Whale of a Tale" t-shirt collection.

Limited quantities, unlimited happiness

There are no bar codes on our products.  We have no warehouse filled with the same item to sell to thousands of people.  Instead, we bring in limited quantities of charming, unique and, often, exclusive items that you can't find anywhere else.  You can rest assured that your purchase won't show up inside your neighbour's house but, if it did, we recommend that you congratulate them on their good taste.

If you see something you like, we advise you to grab it while you can.  In a cookie-cutter world of manufacturing, our coastal pieces are a refreshing breath of west-coast zen. 

Meet the curators of our collections

All Things Coastal is owned by Vancouver Island residents and mother-son team, Nancy Argyle and Chris (CJ) Johnson.  Nancy is a semi-retired communications professional and Chris is a paramedic with a passion for all-things-whale.  Both Nancy and Chris contribute their own artistic items to our collections but, more importantly, they curate the rest of our store collections, hand-picking items that pass their discerning taste test.  If they wouldn't buy it, it doesn't make it into our store.

Our curators are also big online shoppers themselves.  Their experiences with both good and horrific customer service has helped drive their own company policies.  They believe every customer is as unique as their collections and strive to treat them like the royalty they are.


Calling all artists

If you've got a great coastal product, please contact us and let us know!  We'd love to discuss the possibility of including you in one of our much-loved collections.